Wednesday, 23 October 2013

elephant ride

the elephant lurches, sways and heaves,
its great mass rolling
in sudden surprises,
the chains on its hind legs like cymbals clanging!

heart in mouth,
i cling for my life
to the rope round its neck!

"Velayudha," i cry out.
"how do i bail out?"

mahout Velayudhan,
i have seen,
sometimes even dozing,
over Manikantan,
along this very lane.
and i had thought it comfy ride!


Saturday, 5 October 2013

though not what it used to be

bare chested under the sun--
on my rooftop--
i felt like a mirror
receiving and reflecting the morning rays.

my neighbour, blinded by the lights,
put down his spade.
"phileman anallo!" he said in disbelief.

i flexed my biceps
and struck an elegant pose,
for his better appreciation of the facts of the case.

"though not what it used to be," i said,
rather modestly.

"pande pole phalikkunnilla."