Friday, 4 June 2010


three of my friends following this blog ask me why there has been no new postings for the past many days. it is not true i was too busy to find time for the blog.

i was just not weightless and at the zero these past 10 days. when you are not at the zero there is no creativity in you.

conflicts arise when you are too involved. your involvement does not tolerate threats, not even little disturbances. you are like a tigress guarding its cubs.

this condition makes you tense. the mind is restless and no longer mirrors the truth. and i have kept my blog the mirror of the truth i see.

how to get out of it is the challenge...

watch yourself. keep watching yourselves as though you are another person, dispassionate and uninvolved. attachment is the issue; it is the problem. it makes you belligerent, a separate entity in conflict with the whole.

this belligerence can cease only when you know the essence of karma yoga. i know it at the theoretical level, but knowing it at the theoretical level is different from knowing it deep within.