Friday, 4 June 2010


three of my friends following this blog ask me why there has been no new postings for the past many days. it is not true i was too busy to find time for the blog.

i was just not weightless and at the zero these past 10 days. when you are not at the zero there is no creativity in you.

conflicts arise when you are too involved. your involvement does not tolerate threats, not even little disturbances. you are like a tigress guarding its cubs.

this condition makes you tense. the mind is restless and no longer mirrors the truth. and i have kept my blog the mirror of the truth i see.

how to get out of it is the challenge...

watch yourself. keep watching yourselves as though you are another person, dispassionate and uninvolved. attachment is the issue; it is the problem. it makes you belligerent, a separate entity in conflict with the whole.

this belligerence can cease only when you know the essence of karma yoga. i know it at the theoretical level, but knowing it at the theoretical level is different from knowing it deep within.



Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Yes, you've expressed it with amazing clarity, Venu Chettan. "but knowing it at the theoretical level is different from knowing it deep within." Absolutely, because knowing is not experiencing.

P. Venugopal said...

interesting things are happening, Arun. knowing is not experiencing from deep within. combine this awareness with dispassionate watching, watching as though you don't exist, but only the objects of watching including you exist. watch without taking positions, without justifying anything one way or the other and without wishing for any change in what is happening. let the mind take any turn, but be aware of each turn it takes. gradually you feel like having the steering wheel in your hands and you are involved only in the driving process. you are not even bothered about the destination. only the joy of the ride is real.

P. Venugopal said...
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P. Venugopal said...
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P. Venugopal said...

at just one right click, the same comment flew three times into this post from my mouse, like bullets from a machine gun. just imagine the violent mood i am in!!!

Sorcerer said...

That is a wonderful blog post and explanation..

I really really loved the explanation you had put in as the comment..

Sorcerer said...

and I was wondering if you are fine.
very long time comrade!!
Where are you?

P. Venugopal said...

don't ever worry about me, dear sorcy! at 54 i can still run 100 metres in 14 seconds flat (down from 11.1 seconds in my prime), can haul the shotput 12 metres (down from 18 or so in my prime), match drink for drink with boys 30 years my junior and bowl five-six challenging overs to the best young batsman in the town. but the weather was overcast the past few days and it is the time when one's focus is totally on navigating the ship over the choppy seas. every time this has happened in the recent years i have navigated the ship safely into calm waters. moreover, my son (who has just finished his and is awaiting job call after campus selection) and daughter (just back from the scotland yard) are always on my computer with their bits of sorceries. so i am on an indefinite holiday from my blog. i will catch up sooner than later.
i am touched by your innocent concern...see, this is the problem with people my age. we are always worried whether they would pop off some day or the other, aren't we?

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Vow, vow, vow! Three cheers for the spirit...
"100 metres in 14 seconds flat..."
"haul the shotput 12 metres..."
"match drink for drink with boys 30 years my junior..."

You deserve a standing ovation Venu Chettan!

P. Venugopal said...

arun, don't stress the statistics. when we do that, we are restricting the truth within the compartment of numbers. what i meant was i am in fine fettle, although i have creaking joints. it is just as kunchan nambiar had said of the old dog... yet in very fine form, thank god or whatever it is--swish with my tail, the flea jumps off my flank.
frankly, there is another reason also why i cannot visit the blog nowadays. my granddaughter is home!

Sorcerer said...

Aye aye..Captain aye aye.

Nice to hear that you are having a fantastic time with the family.

Well what they say..Life begins at 50!!

hence proved.
[Well..I used to write that in my math exam papers..though I didn't know what I proved or what was there to prove..But here in this comment..I am writing it with its complete meaning and in its correct understanding]

May the wind be always at your back,The horizon clear and the sun shine warm upon your face.

So long captain..buenas noches.

P. Venugopal said...

hence proved, sorcy! we are here to get the best out of life, climb to the summit of everything!!!