Sunday, 23 February 2014


Taking my cue from something in my previous post, it seems to me 'belonging' is a word of deep and intimate meanings.

We are all individual souls at the very core. When we diffuse ourselves within the family, there is belonging happening. The circle grows larger when that diffusing process pours us into a team, a community etc...

In all these successive steps the individual becomes thinner and thinner. Within the family, your interest is the interest of the family. Within the team, your interest is the interest of the team and so on and so forth...

When you stand separate in the family, the belonging does not happen. When you stand separate in the team, the belonging and the teamwork expected of the team does not happen. And you become an anti-social being when you stand separate, in some lofty tower, from society at large, concerned only about your comfort, your glory, immersed totally in the special entity you believe you are...

Quite interesting when we start looking at the process like this, isn't it?


Thursday, 20 February 2014


Fear, when one looks at it closely, comes from not being free.

You have done something wrong in the past. The thought of being found out some day is fear. Then the facade you have built around you with all your contrivance will come crumbling down. You don't want the real you to be seen by the world in full nakedness.

Fear is also in the thought of what is going to happen tomorrow. How do you forge ahead, become rich, powerful, famous, admired by those around you, envied for your never-ending success. Thought of never-ending success carries in it the never-ending fear of failure.

Can one be free of all these? Are you not curious to know how it will be when that happens?