Monday, 12 January 2009

Under Orion

How many more hours
For this mosquito drowning oblivious
In the sweetness of my blood?

How many more springs and autumns,
From smiles to tears and then to exploding ecstasy,
For me the joy of being?

How many more trillions of millenniums—
Dissipating into the vacuum of nothingness!



balachandran v said...

Sharpening my knife,
I plunge it
into the flesh of time
me, in thin, fine slices...

Thanks for the poem, Venu, I am happy to see you enjoying the pleasure of nothingness!! It is your best so far!

P. Venugopal said...

Thoughts while alone on the roof of my house after a couple (three to be exact) with Vijay, Orion overhead and a mosquito drinking happily from the backside of my left palm. I didn't kill it. Amar Rahe! Amar Rahe!!

Extremity said...

every being in this universe searching for a life buoy..
blood becomes lifeblood for the mosquito..