Friday, 3 April 2009


there is a sparkle in the canopy—
tilt your head this way and that—
rainbow flashes
blue, red, green, violet...flashes—
a dewdrop,
a kohinoor,
this moment.



balachandran v said...

A moment - thats all. But good enough for the rainy days - unless you find 'moments' then too.

P. Venugopal said...

Just a plain observation, Balan. To make it a poem in the conventional sense, something more is needed. But I am not bothered about it being a poem. Our whole problem is trying to comform, to fit into into a pattern... We are always in conflict, trying something, trying to become... Can we be totally free?

egorulz said...

was that really a sparkle in the canopy ?
tilt your head the right way-
and the flashes are gone
the colors fade away-
shines bright.
shadows of doubt sulk away in spite.

Jasmin Naur Hafiz said...

dear uncle
i can see a beautiful rainbow!

extremity said...

felt like tilting head ,this way,that way :)