Monday, 15 June 2009

Aum *

this moment of consciousness i share with the child just born somewhere
taking its first breath wailing
and with my friend here in the hospital bed
gasping out his last breath.

his children chant the glory of Ram.
the whole room resonates.

beyond the window the sky resonates.
an eagle circles unhurried
among the clouds,
like a duster erasing all statements,
all beginnings and endings.



extremity said...

the first stanza is a full-frontal blow to our occasional oblivion of the oly truths,two descriptions and u hav said it all.and that eagle like a duster..a striking thought.who could have imagined its circling like erasing the statements,beginnings and endings?
terrific is the word coming to my mind

P. Venugopal said...

you flatter me, dear friend sumi. thank you.

egorulz said...

beginnings and endings... life and death... ambiguity prevails... good post on the cyclic nature of our lives

P. Venugopal said...

thanks egorulz (what a name you have chosen!) watch death to know life. is life cyclic? it doesn't repeat itself. it is. it is something that is there. we are contemporaries of the first man and woman born on earth and the last man and woman who will ever be born. look at the ever flowing continuum. then you lose all fear of death. then you begin to see.

Imagination said...

Amazing thoughts Venuji,

Loosing the fears and then beginning to see that is I believe a little tough to do...