Sunday, 6 February 2011

love and hate

i was wondering whether a total transformation is possible.
each one of us has an outward looking eye
that perceives so many other entities all around
that have to be named and graded
according to the best of our individual convenience,
comfort, sentiment, ideology...
everything boils down to the 'me.'
i am the person who is central to everything
when i say i love this and that,
or when i say i hate.



kochuthresiamma p .j said...

evolution is all about the annihilation of that I

P. Venugopal said...

is it possible? i have been in this fight these past four or five years and i see an evolution happening but still the place seems to be several steps away. i think it can also happen with just one more step, but that simplest step is the step i will not take. so many things bind and the unbinding can happen thread by thread or with a single unbinding of a central knot. it is making life exciting, this watching. process.

Mithun Jayaram said...

i'm not sure about kochuthresiamma p.j's view of annihilation of the I..
but, i do agree about evolution being part of it..

maybe it's constantly occurring...
maybe it is possible..
through a maturation of perception through 'i', that the transformation of what we 'love' and 'hate' changes. but thats all theory...

regarding your response;
is the unbinding you speak of, the unbinding of layers of ones history of nature and nuture?

P. Venugopal said...

nature as well as nurture is what your are today.

nature is the gene factor: the child as you are born, which is the sum result of the nature and nurture over generations from the beginning of life on earth... probably even before.

from this gene factor base, you have built yourself up around your circumstances, you have nurtured yourself to this stage. this is the complicated knot in which we are today, all of us.

is it possible to untie this knot? annihilate the 'i' in you--the gene factor as well as the nurturing from birth?

"that is me, that is what makes me what i am," we often hear ourselves say. it is as though we want to uphold this speciality all the time.

i have a feeling if we keep watching ourselves, without being adamant and proud about our speciality, by degrees we can go about the task of making the knot less complicated. the unbinding of the knot can happen at one single touch too.
(i am feeling unusually philosophical today!!!)

Mithun Jayaram said...

i can see =D
you're having a blast =)

i can almost imagine the electricity firing away back and forth in your head =)