Saturday, 14 May 2011

across my porch

a formless remorse floods in...

i unwind each count
all the way down to one
and find
an unending procession of ants
across my porch
on some timeless mission
this morning.



Kalpana said...

i have witnessed such a scene numerous times but never thought it this way. Great read.

P. Venugopal said...

thanks, Kalpana!! there is a great deal of difference between understanding something as an idea and understanding it as an experience. only recently i started realising it. we accummulate idea after idea in our brains stacking them up like solid stacks of wheat bags in a godown. the thing becomes heavy and unyielding. when we go beyond the idea, it melts and merges into us as an experience. there is an idea called Tao. it cannot be put into words. it is more or less identical to Brahman--seeing everying as one. it is the same thing within and outside each one of us. it means the disappearance of the feeling of separatedness... then time also vanishes and it is an eternal present. a secret sense of immortality, as Aurobindo puts it. yogis attain that state (which doesn't mean i am there. i am still at the level of a mere idea).