Saturday, 7 July 2012

random thought

"The Lord is seated in the heart of all beings turning all beings mounted upon a machine by his Maya" -- Gita.

i am a combination of cells
and molecules and atoms,
clinging together, repelling one another,
forming and dropping away,
configured in a certain configuration,
containing the energy that is the energy of the earth and the sun,
the consciousness of the whole,

yet divided,
because at the third level,
the mind,
i cannot conceive.




Anonymous said...

Fractured to the point of shattering...all because my mind just cannot conceive.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Ithu njammalle kondu koottiyaaa kootoollaaaaa :)

P. Venugopal said...

hai anonymous, arun,
don't take this seriously. this is something that streamed in and streamed out of me the other day and i posted it immediately as it came and went.
there is an effervescent (check spelling) energy around us. it is there in us too! we will be aware of it only when we listen to it in silence. and we can realize and act to our true potential, which is unimaginable, only when we are aware of it... i was reading a few pages of Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' the day i posted the peice.
he says its the 'individual mind,' with all its pampering needs that creates the problem. the solution to the problem has to be sought by the mind itself, but not by the mind alone. it has to become a solution in Life, in the act of being as well as consciousness of being.

tough, isn't it? that is why i said don't take it seriously.