Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Letting fall body and mind

Reading 'Three Pillars of Zen' by Philip Kapleau.

Therein is the story of Dogen achieving full awakening through these words uttered by his master Ju-ching: "You must let fall body and mind." As Dogen heard these words his Mind's eye suddenly expanded in a flood of light and understanding.

Later, Dogen appeared at Ju-ching's room and lit a stick of incense as a ceremonial gesture and postrated himself before his master.

The master perceived at once from Dogen's walk, his postrations, and the comprehending look in his eyes that he had had a great enlightenment.

"Why are you lighting a stick of incense," he asked.

"I have experienced the dropping of body and mind," said Dogen.

"You have dropped body and mind, body and mind have indeed dropped," Ju-ching exclaimed.

Dogen remonstrated: "Don't give me your sanction so readily."

"I am not sanctioning you so readily."

Reversing their roles, Dogen demanded: "Show me that you are not readily sanctioning me."

And Ju-chin repeated: "This is body and mind dropped," demonstrating.

Whereupon Dogen prostrated himself again before his master as a gesture of respect and gratitude.

"That's 'dropping' dropped," added Ju-ching.

Dogen continued his zazen training in China for another two years before returning to Japan...

This is a story at the start of the book and I feel excited reading it!!!

How can one let fall body and mind?


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