Saturday, 16 February 2013

Appooppa, tell me another story!

Neha was staying with us till yesterday evening, having come on February 8 hearing about Appooppa falling down broken-legged and crying. From the time of Appooppa's discharge from hospital, she had been taking good care of him at home. She would run errants from the sickroom to the kitchen to bring oranges and so on (even a matchbox) and tell him nice stories from morning to evening. She would also frequently ask Appooppa to tell her 'yet another story'.

She had to leave for Kannur with her parents yesterday because she had already lost many days' class at her playschool for being with Appooppa in his hour of sorrow.

Her ma'am telephoned her mother even yesterday to express her concern over Neha missing so many classes. She had taught Neha's friends many new things during the past one week. When Neha goes back to school the coming Monday, she will have a heavy load of "activities" pending to be done. But she will surely handle the problem very efficiently. She has to catch up with her classmates!

One of the new things they were taught during Neha's absence was how to stick bird pictures in a noteook. Pictures of the crow, the peacock, the duck, the parrot and the kite, not to mention the kingfisher and the woodpecker.

Neha can do all these things in double quick time! Ma'am does not know these little secrets! Ha ha ha!!!



Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...


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rknair said...

Pity that our kids are smothered with "activities." ;)

P. Venugopal said...

the good thing about it is, RK, that she is not bothered about anything. you should have seen the video of a group dance she played at her playschool festival the other day. she broke all the rules of that dance sequence.

lanhan said...

Appoopa get well soon. Everything from Kitchen to sickroom is fine. But matchbox......Don't tell me that it was for lighting a candle during the 30 minutes power-cut time.

One thing Venu, your postings itself will be a story for Neha when she reads on her own and understands

P. Venugopal said...

lanhans appooppa!!! five cigarettes a day is my rationed luxury now. luxuries unbounded include some fine music and some very old books.