Friday, 1 March 2013

movement of thought

it is interesting to lie quietly in a silent room,
in a silent home,
all through the silent day
just the movement of thoughts.

thoughts are of two categories.

the first type of thoughts are the ones that come and go and are fleeting in nature.
they have a beginning and an end...
like bubbles, on a stream, they pop open and are suddenly there.
they flow with the flow, for a while,
and then vanish into the air, without leaving a sign.

the other type of thoughts are persistent in nature.
they are not fleeting like the bubbles,
but represent the steady flow of the stream itself.
the stream carries with it the tumult of all the waters it had gathered upstream.

if you watch the movement of thoughts in you,
by and by,
you feel like sitting on the bank of the stream
and watching the flow...

and you realize you are not the flow you see.



rknair said...

Nice thought process :)

P. Venugopal said...

thoughts, thoughts, thoughts!!!