Monday, 19 August 2013

sharp shooter

and then a very old man,
gun slung over his left shoulder, stooping,
stepped forward from the crowd and said,
tell me about sharp shooting.

the chosen and the beloved,
for whom the ship waits at the harbour,

he is a sharp shooter who is above all desire to shoot.
when he shoots, he shoots.
he wastes no bullet.

(to my friend Vijayan)



Haddock said...

Sharp shooters..... they are the confident ones.

P. Venugopal said...

i am once again reminded of the story of Arjuna taking aim from a mirror image to hit the eye.
what do you see, Arjuna, someone asked.
an eye, an eye, said Arjuna.
then he shot the arrow straight into the eye.
only when you have that kind of focus, undestracted even by the desire to win the hands of the beautiful lady in the story, will your arrow hit the eye.
happy to see you here, Haddock!