Thursday, 22 May 2014

slap slap slap

my friend was in very general terms telling me his life-derailing issues hinting them as the cause for his sinking into the whirlpool of alcohol. he paused, because he knew i knew.

there are two approaches to the issue. which is the bullock pulling the cart? is it because one is facing "life-derailing issues" one is plunging into drinks, or, are the "life-derailing issues" an invention of one's urge to sink into the whirlpool?

i had an experience when i thought i was dying. it was a very pleasurable experience, sinking, sinking, as in a dream. a friend kept slapping me on the cheek to revive me. i was irritated he was doing it. all one wanted was to sink into the sweetness of the sinking.

it is like that with drinking too. sometimes one needs a friend to slap you hard on the cheek to come out of the nonsense.



Anonymous said...

Forget the 12 step programme advocated by AA...what do they know?! The most effective way to deal with this nonsensical addiction called, alcoholism has been researched, tweaked and promulgated by Mr Venugopal .....SLAP!SLAP!SLAP!



P. Venugopal said...

it is not as easy as that, dear friend. the thing is all about having the wheel in one's hands, but some people have it and some do not. speaking frankly, my pop, whom you know i adore, did not have it, but i somehow have it. some of my friends do not have it. i am probing with them some new ways outside the 12 advocated by AA...

Anonymous said...

That was a tongue in cheek comment, Mr V and was meant to be received with a pinch of hilarity!

Of course it's not easy to break away from ANY kind of addiction....I should know! But yes, having friends around who genuinely care about your well-being, makes the battle a little less overwhelming!