Thursday, 2 October 2014

spaces in one's home

there are spaces in one's home one has never been aware of totally.

i mean i built my house my mind brick over brick caressing each corner of each room watching the track of the sun over the roof listening to the wind from season to season blowing in and out of the windows the rain and the spray the sun at sunrise and the sun at sunset the birds their timings the moonlit nights the neighbours their private worlds and overall, a house one thought one knew from all sides and angles, in a quiet part of the city.

i mean yet i find all of a sudden there are spaces in my home my mind is only beginning to touch.

i am on way to becoming the master chef at home and i now know which tin contains tea leaves and in which tin or tray pepper, onion, potato, green chilly, red chilly, masala powder and where we keep the pot to boil rice and how to rotate the dishes for lunch from day to day according to the vegetables available.

i mean spaces i had taken for granted and had left untouched i am beginning to touch. it had taken quite a bit from ambi all along for the house we built to be the home it is. washing, cleaning, taking clothes from the clothesline, putting away yesterday's newspapers and countless other things are involved.

her foot will be out of plaster-cast next tuesday.


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