Thursday, 27 November 2014


and then i was stuck in the middle of a lonely escalator moving down after everyone had left the building.

i kept running up, wanting to take back something i cannot remember i had left behind. i was remaining at the same place running as the escalator went on sliding down on silent belts.

it was extremely tiring in the beginning, having to exert so much to stay at the same place...

very soon the tiredness vanished and i found myself on light feet running up without panting. the steps of the escalator came folding down and went sliding down under my feet and i was alone and feeling so very happy running.



rknair said...

Turned escalator into a treadmill. Good :)

rknair said...
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P. Venugopal said...

the nearest one came to experience the ending of time and space. it is like one becomes so light there is nothing to becomes the ether. it has no weight. there are these split seconds between split seconds between split seconds, existing in which attentively is existing outside time. when time ends space also ends.
sort of satori!