Sunday, 28 December 2014

spring cleaning

clearing my table of the articles accumulated over the past decades, i come across a letter i had written a very old friend on december 13, 1982.

we used to write conventional postal letters those days between friends, a practice that had gone out of vogue with the coming of communication on the run possible over the internet.

my friend had kept with him some of my letters among many he had received from a small circle of very close friends. like i did today, he came across my letter while doing some spring cleaning at his home way back in 2006. just for the fun of it, he took a photostat copy and posted the same to me. it was among the miscellaneous articles in one of the drawers of my table at workplace.

my friendship with kunjumon started in 1977 during the time we were working together in a spinning mill near our home town alappuzha. in 1978 i left the spinning mill to join the newspaper from which i am retiring this wednesday. he left the spinning mill in 1982 to join the panchayat department in the state government.

my letter was about my happiness over his landing the panchayat job. he retired from that job a few years ago and is leading a quiet life outside kochi with his wife, who too is retired from government service. their only son is employed and is in bangalore.

the accumulated warmth of many decades exists between a small circle of us friends. we had been in constant touch with one another wherever life had taken us. i phoned him up today and said i had found during spring cleaning the same letter he had found during his spring cleaning eight years ago.

certain things keep popping up at every cleaning exercise we undertake in life because we never throw them away.


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