Wednesday, 2 September 2009


did you,
there at the stern of my canoe,
sit with your oars gently paddling,
as the lull fell over the river
and dark clouds billowed up the skies,
the trees, leaning over,
holding their breath
for the birds
to return safe to roost,
before the storm?

did you,
just a moment ago,
still-freezing the lull,
gently paddling?



kalpana said...

and did you finally lead the plank to the bank of the river.....

This is great Venuji.. I whole scene is visible and when I am reading I am feeling as if I am seeing everything...

P. Venugopal said...

thanks for reading Kalpana. the canoe continues moving, the storm never comes. there is no bank to reach.:) (how do you bring on the smile symbol?)

workhard said...

Ur writing is really good...

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