Tuesday, 29 September 2009


today i find myself
as spontaneously unpredictable
as a dynamite,
the lit lead pausing,
on the edge of spark contact--
or sleeping.



Extremity said...

sleeping sleeping !!
and u wake up again.. :)

u knw,i have always felt that poetry is every where..all around us..infact its poetry only.and i hope if only i could capture them and steer the feeling into some right words and see it as a completion,which i find myself quite terrible at,which i find u r poised at.u write about the most unusual things,abstract.its like catching air wth ur palms,that subtle.
i wrote this much bcz i am all wonder-struck at ur ability to do so.there are certain poems where u do the mundane things,that we mortals knw exist or are aware of and which dont enthrall me much.

u mite b havng extra sensory widgets.

P. Venugopal said...

you are right poetry is all around us. its in the air we breathe, the water we drink...didn't i tell you sometime back it is a state of the mind? a state of being mindless, without thoughts clouding the antenna; so clear the antenna is it can pick up the ouderless fragrance of the air and the tastelss purity of the water; it can pick up every note that makes existence an ecstasy. so, then, the trick is to empty the mind and wait, listening. i do not, frankly, know the worth of what i write; but i know i am trying to communicate moments of poetry that flood into me at moments of pure meditation, the mindless state. there indeed is immense possibility here. each one of us is capable of immense creativity if we can touch this zero state.

Imagination said...

More than the poem I am enthralled to read the two comments :-)

Dead or sleeping very interesting Venuji.

P. Venugopal said...

Kalpana, it is as good as saying: "What a good alliance it is! The bride's circumstances are better than the bride herself.":-)
But, seriously, I think we are having a good discussion here nowadays, because we are all learners. We are all after a way forward in a blind jungle.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

'spontaneously unpredictable'
trying to figure out this juxtapositioning.

P. Venugopal said...

Madam, it is a difficult condition to attain because of our conditioning. Can we ever be spontaneous? We have to be this and that, a professor or a dignified journalist, we have to playact a role. Each one of us keep apart from the whole, we are at conflict, we moderate and manipulate our responses to tackle the problem of dealing with the rest. Then comes certain moments when we feel within the whole, when the duality vanishes. In such moments is spontaneity. Spontaneity that makes you so unpredictable that you may throw off your cloths and dance on the street, totally unselfconscious.
I am speaking of a kind of madness to to get out the madness around us.