Monday, 30 November 2009

the Truth

the response of the moment
is the truth of the moment;'
but we falsify the truth
by guiding the response.



kochuthresiamma p .j said...

how very true.nature and nurture? instinctual and trained responses?
the ideal is to strike a healthy balance. the former without the latter will take us in circles. the latter without the former will dehumanise us.

Me said...

if its a moments matter, do we have that much time to guide it?

P. Venugopal said...

you can write a doctorate thesis on this topic.
i have been watching it. many calculations come in when we deal with another person. we are always 'dealing' with others, our brain going tick-tick-tick. communion happens only when there is love, total surrender. then you are as innocent as a rubber ball. it is totally at rest when it is at rest. when you throw it at a wall, it bounces back.
can we keep ourselves like that? then is creativity. i know what kpj is talking about. that is the conservative, stoic, way we are. perhaps we need to strike a balance, because we are insecure and the other state is a dangerous state. or, perhaps, we can ride the danger with intelligence and come back...i don't know.

Musings said...

something which struck me when I read this is JK's comments. We all carry an image creating machine in our head. Our response to any person is through this machine. Can we turn this image machine off and then respond? It shall be a toal response. You can see small kids have this capability which their environment takes away as they grow up. Kids have the capability of forgetting their bad experience with someone and still respond with totality as if the moment and the person is new. Where in an adult always respond through past experience with that person and chooses the response and words.