Tuesday, 1 December 2009


karthika lights blink--
our temple back home--should be--
glowing devotion!

(karthika is the annual day of the deity of our family temple in the village. on that day we light oil lamps all around the sanctum santorum and all our family people, from far and wide, come to worship the Devi in the golden glow of a thousand lamps. when a child, i used to be a leading player of the whole show, especially in lighting the lamps and ringing the temple bell at the time of deeparadhana. it is also a day of family reunion. today is karthika. this time i could not go. the day came to me while driving home in the night after work and finding the houses on either side lit by karthika lights.)



Prabhakar said...

Must be a wonderful sight!

Mithun Jayaram said...

a complete pleasure
to find ones uncle write
on warm nostalgia

hey uncle Venu!

Imagination said...

Being a North Indian I was not aware about this festival. But a friend of mine from Tamil Nadu requested me (as I hardly visit a temple on my own) to visit one of the popular Mallai temples here in Delhi. Before going there I spoke to another Tamil lady who then narrated the story about ‘Karthikeydeepam’. I visited the temple yesterday evening and even lit a lamp. It was a great experience.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

i saw quite a few houses, even apartments lit up with diyas. beautiful and welcome sight - especially in this virtual technology driven space age.

Me said...

click ! Venu uncle takes a photo and shares it here :)

P. Venugopal said...

hello Mithun,
you don't know uncle yet. :-) i saw your blog. good. fly!!!

P. Venugopal said...

hai kalpana, you call us Malayalis 'Mallais' there? must be a crude tribe, these Mallais.
and yes, 'Me,' venu uncle clicks a shot.
madam, my salutations!

Imagination said...

No no Venuji there is a confusion here ‘Mallai’ mean a hill in Tamil a hill temple where lord Karthikayan resides. And May be I haven’t spelled it properly.  Now may be you re-read what I have written. In fact the name of the temple in it self is ‘Mallai Mandir’

P. Venugopal said...

joking, Kalpana, joking. why don't you realise i am a joker? -:)