Tuesday, 27 March 2012


yesterday i went into the heart of a golfer,
walking alone in the night
over a golf course we have in the city.

i have never played the game in my life
and have often wondered
what it is the fun in this game,
hitting a ball with a club
till the ball falls into a hole!

and so i walked
over this golf course,
yesterday night.

a million sparkling stars twinkled in the skies
and there were trees, etched in black artistry,
silhouetted against the subdued glow of the horizon,
the grass undulating over the course
and the sandy bunkers,
the cushioned squeak of my feet,
over the wet grass,
a vague unidentifiable fragrance in the breeze,
the hooting of an owl...

and i thought:
if i hit the ball from where i stand,
i will have to factor in the distant
hooting of the owl,
the wind and its fragrance,
the bunkers,
the inky blotches of oblivion, dancing still,
in the trees,
my stance and backlift and follow-through
as i swing the club in an arc,
the steel of the club,
the temper and bounce of the ball,
the laws of gravity,
the roll of the gentle slope of the neatly mowed grass,
the wetness of dew on each leaf of grass,
and thence the narrow path to the hole...

and i understood why some people are crazy about golf.



Anonymous said...

And you attained enlightenment also!

MTaI said...

The return of e.e.cummings, I see!!! :)

I still wonder about the national obsession of seeing grown men hit a ball with a wooden paddle!!! Nirvana eludes me!!! :D

P. Venugopal said...

thank you friends. it was a revealing experience to walk over the golf course alone in the night to take a smoke after a couple of drinks. many things we know only when we go into the heart of them. so cricket too. i have played cricket up to a certain level 35 years ago and know the thrill of pitching a ball at the right length on the leg stump and seeing it swing just that bit to zip through the gap between the bat and pad to send the off bail flying! we have to play it and go to the heart of it to know it.