Tuesday, 6 March 2012

one of the things

one of the things so funny in us
in this present-day world of indecision--
not knowing what, where--
is our propensity to shut ourselves out
and listen only to the roar from the gallery.

they tell me my father has committed treason;
so i slay him
and i exult in them exulting in the hero in me.



Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Isn’t this something I always wonder? Don’t we all have a unique way of dealing with situations? Yet, do we all do justice to ourselves? No, we are just like pawns in someone else’s hands. We have a script in front of us that clearly mandate how we are supposed to respond to situations. In short, we all play for the gallery. (I’m just excited to see my thoughts being penned)
PS: They say cinema imitates life, I think it’s the other way around!

MTaI said...

"...i exult in them exulting in the hero in me."

This line is such a powerful indictment of the human need for validation.
So very often we mould our thoughts, beliefs and subsequently our actions to fit into someone else's perspective; little realizing that in doing so, we are robbing ourselves of that one factor that makes us unique.... self- will and self-determination.

Great post Mr V! Keep em' coming!

P. Venugopal said...

thank you, Arun, MTaI,
you have both understood what i wanted to convey...
we see it everywhere. how many people do you see around you reacting to truth as it is? we mould of reactions according to how they should be as per the norms we have set for ourselves, our politics, our prejudices, our need for validation from the crowd around us...
we are not used to thinking free. we are pawns in the hands of some other force!!!